Jo is one of the main characters of Lumberjanes. She is generally calm and analytical and is shown to be very good at all things STEM; in the Lumberjanes novel "The Moon Is Up," Jo is offered a mid-summer transfer to space camp. She is a trans girl and has two dads.

Background[edit | edit source]

Has a strong bond with April, her best friend ever since they were babies. Jo refers to April's father as 'Uncle' in Issue 37 when the girls' parents visit camp, but we have no other information that indicates they are cousins; they are otherwise portrayed as best friends with no biological relation.

Kat Leyh, a writer for the series, confirmed her to be Navajo.

Jo is a trans girl. She chose her name because it sounds like it could be the name of an element on the periodic table, since it has two letters.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jo is tall and thin, with a strong nose and chin. She has olive skin and dark brown shoulder-length hair. She is usually seen wearing a jacket, red hoodie, blue striped shirt, jeans, heeled boots, and a crystal necklace. She carries around a brown messenger bag and is said to have several gears and mechanics in her pockets, in case she needs to build something. In the Denver Comic-con exclusive cover, she is shown playing drums.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jo is known to be intelligent and a natural leader. She is also clever, strong, confident, stubborn and loyal. Jo is also self-aware of her identity.

Jo is the most cool-headed and analytical member of the group. She is a transgender girl who has two gay fathers. She acts as the de facto leader and specializes in the more mathematical puzzles the group faces, and is the most by-the-book of the scouts, knowing the Lumberjane pledge by heart. She has a strong bond with April, including a secret handshake. When Jen is absent, Jo is the most likely to worry about the safety of the group and attempt to rescue her friends

Jo is also very interested in mechanical engineering, being particularly talented in robotics. Her dads have expressed that they want her to start focusing on her future more, but she wants to focus on having fun and making friends at camp.

She is one of the most invested Roanokes in the Lumberjanes organization, as she is the only one who has memorized the pledge, and she seems to know the rules better than anyone else in her cabin. Her skills are forging, building, pool, math, and the lumberjanes pledge

She is very interested in researching the strange time occurrences around camp, as she had built MYSTY to research the time anomalies.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I'm sure people do lots of things in sandals." Ghost Cabin pg 5
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